Cityscapes in black and white

Cityscapes in black and white

We recently enjoyed a trip to Melbourne (Australia) where I was fortunate to photograph plenty of cityscapes. After returning home, I started to realise the photos were well suited to post processing as black and white images. I started processing them this way due to the rainy weather Melbourne had during our visit and wanted to extend that atmosphere across to the viewers. It didn’t take long to notice the images where beginning to take on a cinematic feel that I really liked!

Note: For those photographers who are serious about black and white imagery, I highly recommend looking into software called Silver Efex Pro.

Silver Efex Pro provides complete power and control to create professional quality black and white images from your color digital photographs. It’s brilliant, I use it often and can’t say enough about it!

Here are 3 of my favourite black and white photographs from our trip:

Rainy Days, photographed from our hotel window

The photo above was captured with a Canon 5D Mark II digital SLR camera and processed with Aperture 3 (Apple) + Silver Efex Pro plugin.

The next two images below were similarly processed, however they were originally captured with an iPhone 4.

Chanel, post processed in black and white!

Personally, I really like the cinematic feel to the photo above.

The next photo is of Melbourne Central Station. We noticed this gorgeous historic building while waiting to meet our son, so pulled out the iPhone 4 and started clicking away.

Melbourne Central Station

From now on, whenever we visit this interesting city, I’ll be looking and photographing it from a black and white perspective!

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