Post processing flower photography

When we woke up this morning we had planned on driving up the rainforest mountain to the right of us to shoot gorgeous landscapes over the bay. It wasn’t long before we realised the weather didn’t feel like co-operating, with dirty clouds as far as the eye can see. I was hoping for little white puffy ones. But alas, we decided to enjoy a nice coffee on the patio instead. It was then that I noticed the colour of the outdoor table and the gorgeous clouds it was reflecting off the glass top. I grabbed the Canon 5D Mark II and a couple of synthetic frangipani flowers.

An hour later (including Post Processing), the result was …..

Frangipani Photograph

Photograph of a synthetic Frangipani

Now to be perfectly honest, this Frangipani photo didn’t quite start out so gorgeous. Close, but not quite! Shown below is the original image along with any photo editing / post processing I did along the way.

Original Frangipani Photo

Original un-edited Frangipani Photo

Photo Editing / Post Processing

When post processing this flower, I started off with a photo editing software from Apple called¬†Aperture 3. The first thing I did was removed the ugly shadow seen beneath the Frangipani flower in the forefront with an editing tool called a ‘retouch brush’. Works similar to Photoshop CS5 content aware fill.

Once the shadow was edited out, I opened a plugin from Nik Software called ‘Color Efex Pro 3‘. I then navigated my way to the ‘Pastel’ setting under the ‘Stylizing’ tab and presto, a beautiful result :)

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