Adobe Photoshop CS5 content aware tool

Photoshop CS5 content aware tool. Why it’s useful for photographers!

I decided it was time for an upgrade to my photo editing software, and so spent a large portion of yesterday eagerly awaiting the arrival of Adobe Photoshop CS5 from the Apple store. And boy was it worth it!

One of the most useful changes / add ons I’ve noticed so far, is called the Content Aware tool. Basically what this tool does, is it takes away any unwanted subjects seen in your photographs and replaces them automatically and seamlessly, as though it was never there.

Useful? You bet! I can’t count the amount of times I’ve found the perfect lighting for a great shot, only to find my shadow in the bottom portion of the frame. Or I’ve loaded onto my MacBook Pro what I thought were fantastic landscape photos, to find a chocolate wrapping or empty tin can glaring out at me like a sore thumb! Now it’s as easy as opening Photoshop CS5, choosing the ‘spot healing tool’, then along the top left you’ll see a check box for ‘content aware’, click that option, then paint over any part of the image you want to disappear.

Take these photographs I shot this morning for example. In the first one, notice my shadow in the foreground. Then in the second example, I’ve removed it! Just for fun, I also didn’t like the light pole on the left hand side either or its reflection in the water. The content aware tool did wonders for that as well :D

airlie beach lagoon

Original photo of Airlie Beach lagoon in the Whitsundays Australia

And now, using Photoshop’s new content aware tool, I’ve removed my shadow, as well as the light pole on the left.

Photoshop CS5 content aware tool example image

Photoshop CS5 content aware tool example image

All that was done in a matter of seconds. I’m sure if I took more time to edit the photograph in its maximum size, the results would have been even better!

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Tammy September 25, 2010 at 4:41 am

Incredible post … I about to try it out on some of my images I had put in the trash folder.

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