Canon powershot d10 underwater camera

Snorkelling the reef with a Canon Powershot D10 underwater camera

Last weekend I had the opportunity to snorkel on a fringing reef over at Green Island, roughly an hour from Cairns in Australia. This was the first time I’d used the Canon Powershot D10 underwater camera in the ocean, which left me more than happy with the results.

The first photograph below is of Brain Coral. For all these snorkelling images I had the camera set to underwater mode with a macro focus. I found this the best setting, especially for coral images where I duck dived down to approximately one meter (and closer) from the bottom of the reef.

Brain Coral - photographed with a Canon Powershot D10 underwater camera

Now another favourite image of mine, this time of bright green coral.

Photographing the Great Barrier Reef

The pink coral shown below helps give you an idea as to the photo quality taken with a Powershot D10. I recommend this camera to anyone who enjoys snorkelling and underwater photography. It can handle up to 33 feet, so depending on how deep you dive, it could be a handy camera for scuba diving as well.

Fringing Reef

Anyone who’s snorkelled the Barrier Reef will tell you there are literally hundreds of sea turtles. Here are a couple of my favourite photographs from the day.

Swimming with a turtle

And another :)

Photographing turtles - an amazing experience!

The only thing that stopped me dead in my tracks while photographing turtles was this huge lobster, rocking back and forward with the current.

Lobster sitting at the bottom of the reef

Can’t wait to take the powershot d10 snorkelling with me now on reefs here in the Whitsundays :)

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